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Running time: 25 minutes

The Scottish architect John McAslan has been a partner in the London practice Troughton McAslan since 1983. Trained at the University of Edinburgh, he then travelled and worked in the USA, followed by three years in Richard Rogers' (see Genesis Of The New Lloyd's Underwriting Room and People Places) office, where he met his future partner. In the practice, McAslan took responsibility for design and Troughton for management, and overall strategies.

In his talk McAslan points out that their work evolved through a high-tech period and tentative experiments with modernism in the 1980s, to a more direct modernist vocabulary. They adopted a rigorous and rationalist approach to their work in both the fields of refurbishment and new-build, ever conscious of tradition, restraint, climate, materials, economy and practicability.

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John McAslan

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