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Running time: 30 minutes

Michael Ellison, who at the time of this talk was President of the Landscape Institute in the UK, wanted to be an architect but, believing that "the way you group things is much more important than individual objects", he became a landscape architect after training at London University's planning school, but he retains an abiding interest in architecture.

His work experience has included a year with RMJM's York University team, a short period on the landscape team at Wisconsin University, and around four years on the CLC's Expanded New Towns programme, before he joined the British government's Property Services Agency in 1978.

Recently the Agency passed into the hands of Tarmac Ltd. where at the time of this talk he was building up an in-house team and attaching small practices to the Agency project by project. His talk is full of amusing asides and anecdotes, and is an account of visits to some of his favourite parks and gardens, notably in Holland. UK, Denmark, Germany and the USA.

Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

Michael Ellison

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