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Welcome to Pidgeon Digital, the online subscription website version of The Pidgeon Audiovisual collection of illustrated talks by architects and related designers. This continuing archive, to which new talks are being added regularly, is a unique library of contemporary attitudes which will become of priceless value to future generations.

NEWS AT April 2016:

You can watch a free talk by the late Zaha Hadid, who died recently,- To a New Modernism. You can watch any other of our talks from the archive for just £5.00 by clicking on the talk you want under "Browse Talks" and following the instructions. Note - to view the talk you require Macromedia Flash to be installed click here to install it (not supported by iPhone or iPad).

New talks by Martha Schwartz - Breaking into China: Fengming Mountain Park, Keith Bradley - Manchester School of Art, James Gowan, who died recently - Life and Work  and Charles Jencks - Suncheon City, Korea: Holding the Eco-Line have just been added to the website, together with talks recorded in the 50s by Jorn Utzon & Louis Kahn - Sydney Opera House and Walter Gropius on the origins of the Bauhaus -  The Victory of the Modern Approach is Sure. Also new to the website are some further talks from the original archive - including Leon Krier - The Polycentric City, James Wines & Alison Sky - Apocalypse and Utopia and Zaha Hadid - To a new modernism,. As a result there are now 274 talks on the website.