Diagram Layout For New Prisons H.M.P. Gartree, Leicester: A Prison Cell H.M.P. Gartree, Leicester: A Prison Cell H.M.P. Gartree, Leicester : Inmates' Drawings & Paintings

About this talk

Running time: 31 minutes

In this second talk with Will Alsop, he speaks about recent research he has been doing into the design of prisons, by discussing with the inmates and staff of H.M. Prison Gartree in Leicester their desires and needs. He uses the same approach to some existing housing in Nottingham, and shows work he has been doing in Bradford, Manchester and London.

Painting has always been his passion and it inspires his unorthodox architecture and playful master plans. He cares about how people are going to use a building in a livelier and more interesting way. "Serious should be fun" he professes.

Alsop first spoke to us in 1995 in Form, Colour & Behaviour.

Will Alsop

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