A More Plastic Form
Terry Farrell (Farrells)


Terry Farrell, 1983

©Monica Pidgeon

I'm going to show about eight projects that began in '78/79 and were completed in '83. These projects are important to me, particularly because they span a period where I began to experiment with developing a new direction after 14 years or so practising the straightforward buildings of the Modern movement, factories and housing. I'm beginning to experiment with a more plastic form and a greater range of expression.


Crawley Green Road Housing, Luton

©J. Reid

The first project I'm going to show is a housing scheme. It's one idea which was a timber frame idea which was reproduced around London at eight or nine sites. The first of these is at a small site in Crawley Green Road in Luton, and is a timber frame housing scheme which is clad in tiles and timber, and is built around a shell which is identical to the other seven schemes, each of which were expressed in quite a different way. And this idea of a standard element that was repeated as a factory-made component, but then expressed in a completely different way according to location and circumstance, began to enable me to experiment with identity, the site, with personal expression, not only of the people that were going to be living in the housing in a particular area, but the local builders and the particular job architect, and giving a range of expression to all the people that would be involved and occupying each particular project.

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