House Of The Century By Ant Farm (Jost, Lord, Michels), Angleton, Texas. 1973 Cadillac Ranch By Ant Farm (Lord, Marquez, Michels), Amarillo, Texas, 1974 Media Burn By Ant Farm (Lord, Michels, Schreier), July 4 1975, San Francisco Chip Lord, 1977

About this talk

Running time: 49 minutes

Chip Lord was a member of radical architecture collective Ant Farm, which he formed with Doug Michels in 1968. The pair were later joined by Hudson Marquez and Curtis Schreier.

In this talk, Lord describes the group's major projects, from the early inflatables to the bubble-like House of the Century, Cadillac Ranch, a comment on American consumerist aspirations, and the provocative re-enactment of the Kennedy assassination, Eternal Frame.

The group broke up in 1978 after a fire destroyed their San Francisco warehouse. After falling out of fashion for several decades, Ant Farm's work is now gaining fresh attention.

Recorded in Manhattan, New York.

Chip Lord

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