Flats, San Giovanni, Milan Low-Cost Housing, San Matera Aerial View Of Urbino The Palazzo Ducale, Urbino

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Running time: 40 minutes

An architect of social commitment, "Giancarlo de Carlo is constantly looking for new ways and new forms with which to answer today's problems... He has become one of the most articulate polemicists in the whole of Western Europe... He wants to build for the individual so as to give him a sense of value in his everyday existence... He is an inspiring teacher" - John Furse, "Contemporary Architects". Macmillan 1980.

de Carlo himself says "You do not solve the problems of society with grand gestures; but multiple small things can solve some problems of society". Recipient of the British Royal Gold Medal in 1993, he is best known for the work he has been carrying out for both the town and university of Urbino, and he discusses this and other work in his talk.

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Giancarlo de Carlo

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