Building Compound Shapes
Frank Gehry (Gehry Partners LLP)


Barcelona Fish Sculpture In Olympic Village Shopping Area

©Frank Gehry & Associates Inc.

I've still been pursuing the idea of movement using inert materials in buildings. I guess it's a way of, another kind of decoration, it's a modernist notion about decoration I suppose. And I'm still fascinated with it. So the original idea for it came from looking at sculpture and the Siva figures from India where you look at the stuff and you think they're moving.


Fish Sketches

©Frank Gehry & Associates Inc.

And then I did all this stuff with fish because I used the discipline as a critique of Post Modernism. It was like Greek temples are anthropomorphic and fish are three hundred million years before. So I got angry and said "if you want to go back why don't you go back...". And somehow the collision of making those fish studies and drawings and sketches...

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