Phillips Exeter Library & Dining Hall, Exeter Academy, New Hampshire By Louis Kahn, 1972. The Library From The North West Erdman Hall Dormitories, Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia By Louis Kahn, 1965 Esherick House, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia By Louis Khan, 1961 Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas By Louis Kahn With Preston M. Geren & Associates, 1972

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Running time: 54 minutes

Louis Kahn, one of the most admired second generation modernists, came to prominence later in life, producing a clutch of influential building before his sudden death in 1974.

This interview, one of a series conducted by architectural publisher John Peter, was recorded in 1961 at Kahn's architectural office. During the design of his Trent Bath House, Kahn had a realisation about the hierarchy of space that would become central to his work. Here he discusses the distinction between served and serving spaces both in architecture and urban design (in particular the architecture of the street which Kahn terms viaduct architecture), and the need for new rules for the making of cities.

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Louis Kahn

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