The Island Of Vessels, Half There, Half Not There. Site Plan, Fordwich, Kent, England, 2008, Neil Spiller Baronesses Filaments. The Filaments Caress The Wheelbarrow's Bulb Under The Disapproving Composite Eye Of A Wasp, 2008, Neil Spiller. The Baroness Is The Matriarch Of The Island, A Desiring Sculpture, She Senses All Her Flock With Virtual Tendrils Called 'Filaments' The Glade Of The Chicken Computer, 2009, Neil Spiller. One Of The Input Machines On The Island - A 'Chicken Computer' Contained In A Small Red & White Pavilion Flames Of Desire & Hot Eggs -- Inside The 'Chicken Computer', 2009, Neil Spiller. This Is An Analogue Computer - Its Computing Is Determined By Chickens Pecking Themselves, Passing Things Or Each Other

About this talk

Running time: 34 minutes

Professor Neil Spiller is dean of the school of architecture at Greenwich University. Before moving to Greenwich in September 2010, he was vice-dean at the Bartlett school of architecture, where he founded AVATAR, the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research Group.

In this talk, Spiller describes his 14-year long Communicating Vessels project - an architectural paracosm set on an island in Kent. His designs for the island - which include a walled garden in memory of the American theorist Lebbeus Woods - draw on the work of the Surrealists, science fiction and technological advances such as nanotechnology and augmented reality.

The talk was recorded at the Building Centre, London.

Neil Spiller

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