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Vittorio Gregotti (Gregotti Associati)


Vittorio Gregotti In Venice, 1984

©Monica Pidgeon

I think I have three different reasons to speak about the University of Palermo in the recent work. The first of these reasons is just because it's so old. The design of the University of Palermo in a certain thing is the father of the last ten years of my work's principle.


University Of Palermo

©Gregotti Associati

The University of Palermo is old and for that I think prove, with its old age, one of the most important problems of architecture today: it is to make an architecture resisting to the fashions. I think it is very important to come back to an architecture making very beautiful ruins, like Perret says. I think it is very important now that architecture was a sort of very stable element of the collective memory. All peoples think "the next ten years is the years of the communication of the flexibility". And for that it's much better that the architecture is very stable, is a testimony of the long time, of long durée. That is the first problem, for that, I am very fond of my architecture of Palermo.

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