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Running time: 16 minutes

The English architect David Morley trained at Cambridge and the AA. Working with Norman Foster (see More With Less, Exploring The City and Chateau Margaux, France) on several projects, he set up their French office which was responsible for the Carre d'Art at Nimes. In 1987 he started his own practice in London and has designed a variety of buildings including a hospital extension, housing, halls of residence for two Oxford colleges and, not least, the award winning work at Lord's Cricket Ground, the subject of his talk.

Cricket is quintessentially an English game, and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) which owns Lord's is the premier cricket club in the world. In the 1980s it recognised that its leading role should be reflected in the building environment it created. The Mound Stand by Michael Hopkins & Partners, the first example of this attitude, was such a success that they were encouraged to pursue excellence in architectural design in all the subsequent projects that they commissioned; also recognising the importance of unifying and linking individual separate buildings with a clear master plan for the entire grounds.

David Morley & Partners were chosen to design three buildings and the master plan while Hopkins, Grimshaw (see Industrial Architecture) and Future Systems are the authors of the remaining new structures.

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David Morley

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