Ewha Womans University: Building As Landscape
Dominique Perrault (Dominique Perrault Architecture)


Dominique Perrault

©Miguel Galiano/Dominique Perrault/ADAGP

Ewha University is a project to develop a new centre in the campus. It's not a project for all campus. It's a project to organize the connection and the relationship between the campus and the city. And the staff of the university organise an international competition. And they select some very well-known architect, visited the site and met the staff of the university. And step-by-step they select Zaha Hadid and FAO and me.


Ewha Womans University Campus Centre, Seoul, Korea By Dominique Perrault Architecture, 2008

©Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost/Dominique Perrault Architecture

I won the competition with a special concept about the relationship between the landscape of the campus and the district around this area. The statement and this idea come from an attitude, if you want, about the relationship between the existing condition, more or less British or UK campus, with a green space, like a big park and some pavilion, and more or less like Boston, if you want. And with a gravestone building, its American roots about this university and about the design and the architecture of this place.

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