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Running time: 30 minutes

The Italian architect Angelo Mangiarotti trained at Milan Polytechnic and was in partnership with Bruno Morassutti for five years before setting up his own practice in 1960 in Milan. He has been a visiting professor at universities in Australia, Switzerland and the USA as well as in his own country. He is the author of many articles and the subject of two monographs.

Mangiarotti's architectural language expresses the characteristics of materials and components, and his construction methodology is founded on a search for a new and properly motivated relationship between man and environment.

In his talk, he begins by describing small objects he has designed, showing how the nature of the materials determines both form and construction. The same is true at a larger scale. Of his structures he says that none are the same, yet in a sense none are different, because his conceptual approach is constant. Only the form or image varies, which in turn affects the way components are designed or assembled. And it is this which gives a Mangiarotti building its satisfyingly enduring quality.

A short statement in Italian by Mangiarotti is found at the end of the talk.

Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

Angelo Mangiarotti

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