Future Realities
John Johansen


Inflated Bubble. Exhibition Screens

©Monica Pidgeon

What I'm presenting at this time are recent projects. six or seven of them. which have occupiedmy interest and energies inthe last eight or tenyears. These projects are not to be builtnow. Theseobjecshwolvebtmdingtecmnlogioswhichuesfillmmestateofresearch anddevelopment. Soldelightintheideathatrmsomehowmovmgmycareerforwardina waytowardbuildh1gs thatwillnotbebuiltbutbuildingsthatwillbeinthisway. or rather atter I maybe gone. I have discussed these building technologies not only with engineers who understand the present ways of building but physicists who. as pure scientists. have an ear in the future and know the possibility of new building methods. So I‘m involved in kinetics and hydraulics which are known now but electromagnetics and things of this sort which are really not known to the architectural profession now.


Inflated Bubble. Exhibition Screens

©John Johansen

The first of these projects is one called The Inflated Bubbles' or 'Cluster of Bubbles'. Now these we have known. inflated spheres. before or up to this time. But this is a composite arrangement of bubbles in which the spaces are combined. or in which we have a complication of interior volumes which. if not controlled by pimps to maintain the equal pressure that they must so this will not collapse. This is then the first time using computer controls and then monitoring the variable pressure in one chamber or another. This is then a totally itcanbe equalised. Asamodemarchitect.linsistthatmerebeflrstofallawayofbuildhig.thatthatwayof building explains melt in the aesthetic of the project. that it have a program of use. it has a purpose and it has mnctional use throughout. This then is not necessary to many architects. particularlyintheUSnow. whogoblithelyaheadwithimages andstyles whichhaveno - particular meaning. no comectionwith either purpose. function or building method. So I want to establish right away my position of that sort.

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