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About this talk

Running time: 44 minutes

The architect Michael Wigginton has had a long interest in the relationship between glass and architecture, and has written a major work "Glass In Architecture" published by Phaidon Press.

After graduating from Cambridge University, he worked for SOM, then YRM, and from 1986 - 1994 with Richard Horden (see Designing For Our Time) as co-principal at Richard Horden Associates. He has taught in schools of architecture in the UK, Europe and America, and is the author of many articles and books. His current research work includes the development of a refractive glazing system with a major European glass manufacturer.

In his talk he discusses float glass and the chemistry of its colours; the transmission of light and energy by glass; thin film coating of glass with liquid crystals; and the ultra-strong ceramic glass. In his opinion, the future lies in integrating such strong glasses with the thin film electrochromic chromogenic glasses to produce skins for buildings that are as efficient as human skin.

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Michael Wigginton

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