In The Spirit Of Ernest George
Philip Johnson


Philip Johnson In His New Canaan House

©Hazel Cook

Coming to England from outside, coming to London from outside, it looks very different from what it does to you. A few impressions come out very vividly about the glories and the inglories of your city. The first impression One hasJ because you can't miss themJare the tower blocks.


London Skyline

©Monica Pidgeon

It's really hard for us to understand, we who have so maltreated the tower block, as not to be really the ones to start throwing stones. But they do look pro- digiously ugly here, because there aren't enough of themsso the isolation of these)which is deliberate planning, is totally unnecessary. But they do something else here. They don't just stand up and make companiles. They somehow arise, somehow they've managed to put them right where you see them dowu a road. I don't know how it can be done. You look down a road and you start getting a street, we call it, and you start seeing the character of that street - and up pops something that dominates the horizon impossibly. I think it's because of your street pattern, more than the ridiculous tower blocks. That's the best thing you have.

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