Intelligent Buildings
Mike Davies (Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners)


Mike Davies

©Monica Pidgeon

My name is Mike Davies, I'm a partner in Richard Rogers Partnership, Architects, in England, and my particular speciality, in addition to developing the archi— tecture that we practise, is that of the impact of technology on buildings in- cluding some fairly advanced technical research matters.


Top: Egyptian Fresco. Bottom: The Moon Seen From Apollo Spacecraft

©Mike Davies And Richard Rogers Partnership

I would like to start by glimpsing back in history and just reflecting on our perception of science and technology and just go right back to the earliest images of cosmology, the Egyptian view of the sky where Man had no scientific knowledge but trying to establish a set of constructs to understand the sky. The Goddess Mut swallowed the sun in the evening and the sun was reborn every morning. I leap from that particular image to Apollo flying above the Moon, a 5-6000 year developmental leap through the whole of science, the pre—Christian era, the Middle Ages, and more recently our enormous Industrial Revolution. That has been a philosophical revolution and a scientific revolution and it seems to be ever—accelerating and we're now in a position where technology is having a significant impact on our modern buildings.

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