Kenyan, Ecowarrior & Feminist
Yasmin Shariff (Dennis Sharp Architects)


Yasmin Shariff At The Entrance To Bayford Grange, Bayford, Hertfordshire

©Dennis Sharp Architects

It's very difficult to think about my work without thinking about my partner, Dennis Sharp. Dennis was the editor, and the history teacher, at the AA. He was never my tutor - I met him when we went on a trip with my unit, headed by Keith Critchlow, to see the Munich Olympic structures. We never made it there, because it was one of those typical AA trips where we had a coach, which was dirt cheap, that kept on breaking down every hour. We spent a long time, on the road, waiting for repair people. And of course, you get talking and getting to know people a lot better, so that's how I got to know Dennis.


Dennis Sharp (1933 - 2010) In The Garden Of Cadbury Brown

©Dennis Sharp Architects

I didn't really go to any of his lectures, because I wasn't very interested in the Modern Movement. The reason for that was that Nairobi, which is where I grew up, was a very Modern Movement city, so modern architecture was the status quo for me - I didn't think there was anything unusual or special about it.

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