New Bottles For New Wine
Gaetano Pesce


Sao Paolo Tower Project, 1987 - 1988

©Gaetano Pesce

I think my work in the world is quite unique in one way because not at a lot of architects and designers are making experiments to discover something that is not already of the reality. So my way from the beginning was to be very curious about new technology. new materials. to achieve a kind of architecture or atmosphere or space that is not cold. is not dogmatic. that is more related to feelings like optimism. joy, sensuality sometimes, which are usually not used as characteristics of the atmosphere. Most of the architects are interested to create a kind of beautiful form, beautiful space. But as you know. "beautiful" means very little today. Because what is beautiful here is not beautiful in another place. and what is beautiful for me is not beautiful for someone else.


Rag Lamp No.6, Fish Design, 1996

©Gaetano Pesce

So I was never interested in beauty or form of things, but I am more interested in process who. when they take place, they come up and they finish themselves with the form. which is a surprise for me sometimes. but I like to be surprised. And so what I put together usually is some element. some material. some process. that when they take form is a unique result What I care. as I said. is to give to people who will live in the space or will use an object. pleasure; which is an important function for our work destined to other people. To ask for that kind of feeling is not important. If something gives you pleasure. you're not really interested in the beauty of it but you are interested to give pleasure. And I think the job of an architect in this way can discover relation. important relation between who is doing — like me or others - and the destiny which is society. Thinking about that from a long time ago. I was seeing that there is a real problem in the job of an architect today. He lost the capacity to own a unique 'savoir‘. a knowledge. So other people. other professions. they know more than us what is the best for a structure in aluminium. what is the best for a huge piece of glass; so we are losing to have a special knowledge that only architects can give to others and that was true for the Renaissance man - like Brunelleschi was unique in the knowledge to give to clients something unique.

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