Perception & Proportion
Anne Tyng


Anne Tyng

©Monica Pidgeon

We see as a result of how we are made. How we are made and how we make answer to the same laws of form. How we see what we make, is also based on the same ratios of resonance. This universality of natural laws is a powerful source of human energy, and we have barely tapped it in architecthre. It all begins with the very simple fact that 1 and 1 is 2.


Kimbell Museum By Louis I. Kahn

©Morton Weiss

The effect of light at Louis Kahn's Kimbell Museum at Fort Worth Texas is ‘luminous. I think anyone who has been in the building will agree that it lightens your spirits and lifts you to a higher energy level. This extra- ordinary effect of resonance occurs as a result of the shape and the propor- tions of the forms that receive and reflect the light. In the Kimbell Museum, sun is played by the space, its angles of reflection reinforced by proportions which resonate with the frequencies of light.

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