Polish Architecture
Krzysztof Chwalibóg (Architecture For All)


Krzysztof Chwalibog, Church Of The Holy Ghost, Legionovo, Near Warsaw, 1980 - 1988

©Monica Pidgeon

Polish architect is dealing certainly with some more problems than his colleague in Western Europe. Scarcity of building materials, monopolistic organisation of building industry and low level of clients' expectations are making his work quite difficult. But the will to overcome all those difficulties and provide a piece of real architecture to the people living in the grey-environment of housing estates is quite strong. ' ' More and more often monotony of public housing is broken by groups of simple family houses built by a small co-operative or by a silhouette of a new church. After a long period of fifties, sixties and seventies when it was impossible to build a church in Poland, we are actually experiencing an explosion of church building. New churches are appearing in every town and village and the total number of churches under realisation is equal to 2,000.


Entrance Facade

©E. Seczykowska, K. Sukiennik

One of the first designs we made, starting our partnership with Ryszard Girtler ten years ago, has been a church in Legionowo. This church had to be built in a small town of Legionowo 30 km north from Warsaw. The site was quite interesting - a top of a small hill in the middle of a single family housing area, 300m about from prefabricated high-rise housing.

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