Konrad Wachsmann: Stress Transferred Outwardly In A Spiral Fashion Eames House, California High Performance Yacht Reliance Controls Factory, Swindon. With Team Four

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Running time: 29 minutes

Anthony Hunt, born in 1932 and trained as a structural engineer, is senior partner in the practice which he established in England in 1962. Having previously worked for the engineer Felix J. Samuely in London, he acknowledges how much he was influenced by him, and by Charles Eames and Konrad Wachsmann (see The Art Of Joining) in America, as well as by high performance yacht designers.

Hunt sees himself as providing a necessary challenge in the design process, and this he has done with leading architects like Foster Associates (IBM and Sainsbury Centre), Richard Rogers & Partners (Inmos), Michael Hopkins (Patera system and Schlumberger, Cambridge), to name but a few. He has been involved in projects of many types in the UK, France, Middle East and the USA.

What interests him most in his work, he says in his talk, is trying to refine things down, trying to join things beautifully, trying to use minimum structure in an elegant and clear way. He describes how this was achieved in a number of the jobs on which he has worked.

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Anthony Hunt

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