Romantic High Tech
Helmut Jahn


Helmut Jahn, 1984

©Monica Pidgeon

Architecture is a practical art within current constraints and within current methods. A very fundamental idea about our practice is rooted in the idea of making a building along often very divergent determinators. This is a very pragmatic mix dealing both with reality and idea content along a process which is directed toward building architecture which both conforms with the reality of the present and respects history wherever it is relevant and appropriate. We don't see architecture practised along historicism or a revivalist kind, but we suggest how we can build for a future that honours its past, while above expressing the truth of our contemporary condition in searching for a new architecture typology. There's two types of buildings we have basically dealt with. One, the mat building which is low and wide, and the tall building.


St. Mary's Athletic Facility

©Helmut Jahn

The mat building is influenced primarily by internal forces, namely its function and technology.

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