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Running time: 29 minutes

R.M. Schindler, born and educated in Vienna, came to the United States in 1914 and, after a period in a Chicago office, worked for Frank Lloyd Wright (see The World's Greatest Architect) before starting to practice on his own in 1921 in Los Angeles.

Coming to know him first in the 1940s when she was a draughtswoman in his office, architectural critic Esther McCoy was the first to bring his full work to the attention of the world by her writings. Best known on the subject are her books "Five California Architects" (1960) and the recent "Vienna To Los Angeles: Two Journeys", which contains the letters of Louis Sullivan to Schindler, and those between Schindler in the USA and Neutra (see The Most Precious Material Is The Human Material) in Vienna. But whereas the latter book throws light on Schindler's early years in America, McCoy's talk deals entirely with the years after he set up on his own in his first house in King's Road, Los Angeles.

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Esther McCoy

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