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Running time: 23 minutes

Chilean-born architect Cristián Boza was trained in Santiago, Chile, graduating from the Catholic University in 1968, after which he studied planning in Edinburgh. During the 1970s he gained work experience in England and France for short periods. He has taught in leading schools in both countries, as well as in Argentina, Peru and his native land. He has also written two books and many articles on his subject.

Since 1969 he has been partner in the practice Boza Luhrs Mozart and Associates in Santiago, and they have completed a large number of buildings, certainly some of the best in Chile in the field of housing, offices, shops and big complexes. Ever since the Spanish and Portuguese conquests, the architecture of Latin American countries has been subjected to many foreign influences. Nevertheless, Boza and a number of colleagues from the various countries have recently been collaborating in a search for a continental identity in architecture, and in his talk he considers the contribution which his own work has been able to make.

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Cristián Boza

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