Signs Of Occupancy
Alison Smithson & Peter Smithson



©Alison & Peter Smithson



Children's Camp At The Folly At Fonthill, February 1979

©Alison & Peter Smithson

AS: The slides that we've selected of our own work cover the subject of the Signs of Occupancy. The first slide is of a children's camp with a folly at Fonthill in Wiltshire. It is intended to illustrate the very basic urge to signify that you have occupied a space, and although these children are heavily under the influence of architects making places that invite occupation, this particular camp almost is free of our influence, apart from the provision of the space, because the imagery of the signs it has have been taken from the camp that is held, or was held, at that time every year in Fonthill woods by the American children in Europe. All the symbols of occupancy, the gantry and the flag, are taken from a visit to see the American children, and obviously the Signs of Occupancy of this other culture was very impressive.

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