Dean Clough Mills, Halifax Pawson House, London. Floorboards Pawson House, London. Carrara Marble Worktops Mies Chair In Rothman Apartment (Executed In Partnership With Claudio Silvestrin)

About this talk

Running time: 43 minutes

John Pawson trained at the AA and started to practise architecture in the 1980s. His work is much influenced by four years spent in Japan, which led to his being known as a Minimalist. He prefers the word 'simplicity'.

He says "If you reduce the elements and you pare down the materials and the form and everything to its absolute minimum, you tend to produce spaces which become in themselves works of art. But you have to know when to stop in the business of subtraction. For example, if you subtract anything from a beautifully proportioned Georgian interior, you 'damage its seamlessness'".

That for him is the definition of Minimalism. In his talk he describes showrooms that he has designed as well as a house in Mallorca and his own house in London. Their very simplicity produces exquisite results.

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John Pawson

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