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Running time: 27 minutes

American born Craig Hodgetts graduated from Yale with a degree in architecture in 1967. He then set up an architectural studio with a variety of partners beginning with Peter de Bretteville, then with Robert Mangurian and, since 1984, with Hsinming Fung.

Over the years he has taught at California Institute of the Arts (where he was Associate Dean from 1969 - 1971), UCLA, and currently at the University of Pennsylvania. He has received many awards for his work, which has been widely published and exhibited.

In this talk he says that he and his work-mates like to think of themselves as a bunch of garage architects working in the Los Angeles tradition. In addition to designing buildings, they have pursued a wide range of research and design projects - a prefab system, a mobile theatre, furniture, films, tiny projects like an interactive video kiosk and a 'cookie' kiosk for mass production - and now they are building a house for the partners themselves.

In all their projects their preoccupation has been with the inherent geometry of the making of a place, and thinking of their buildings as a collage of spatial typologies. Space is defined by accommodating functions as opposed to spatial definitions.

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Craig Hodgetts

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