Caversham Road Housing, North West London. Exterior Pillwood House, Pill Creek, Cornwall. Access From Road Pillwood House, Pill Creek, Cornwall. Under Construction Pillwood House, Pill Creek, Cornwall. Stairs

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Running time: 39 minutes

The British architect John Miller trained at the AA School of Architecture. Then followed three years working for Lyons Israel & Ellis where he met his future partner Alan Colquhoun. They set up a practice together which lasted from 1961 to 1989.

Since then Miller has been in partnership with Richard Brierley and Su Rogers. Work has included art galleries, educational and community buildings, houses and housing. In his talk Miller describes a small but representational selection of projects. In all their work the concern has been to give space and light and enjoyable sequences. At the same time there is a continued interest in construction, down to the simplest details. And then, as he says, ideas for a building can "be nourished and taken over from one job to the next, and old ideas dropped when they've ceased to be necessary".

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John Miller

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