Technology Is The Answer But What Was The Question?
Cedric Price


Cedric Price

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Fun Palace

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Technology is defined in the Oxford dictionary as 'the science of industrial arts'; and in the Fun Palace designed in 1960 for Joan Littlewood the theatrical producer, with the consulting engineer Frank Newby, I tried to achieve, in effect, a large, mechanised shipyard in which various structures could be built from above by means of gantries, travelling cranes, and intermediate beams; and that these structures would contain the activities as shown, simple in themselves, but would, through their design, be capable of being altered while the building was being occupied. And that the access to such structures could be achieved by means of escalators that radiated through two hundred and seventy degrees from the ground level; the whole structure therefore being constantly changing; and such change being achieved by the sort of techniques, materials and technologies already, at that time, available in advanced engineering in shipbuilding and aircraft production.

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