The Roosevelt Memorial
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Lawrence Halprin

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L'Enfant Plan

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The Memorial of course had to fit into the design and the planning of monumental Washington. And it goes back to General Washington, who established finally Washington as the capital of the USA. General Washington hired a French engineer, Mr. L'Enfant, who was an expert in layouts in Europe, and he asked him to design it, and put him under the project manager who was Thomas Jefferson, who was our third president, and was a great architect. And actually the design of monumental Washington depends a lot on Jefferson's primary idea of a great mall with the Capitol in a certain location and the White House in another location, and the Lincoln over to the Potomac. And L'Enfant put that into the form of an almost French design such as inform, and was the basis of Versailles. There was a series of points at certain important locations and diagonal avenues and long vistas that were very much like L'Enfant and others had done in Europe. And then it became a mess as in any new country.

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