Stone Quarry Malta Townscape Ramla Bay Hotel, Marfa, Malta, 1964 Cavalieri Hotel, St. Julian's, Malta, 1967

About this talk

Running time: 26 minutes

The Maltese architect Richard England is also a poet, photographer, painter, sculptor, and is the author of many books. Son of an architect, he received his architectural education in Malta, and later in Milan under Gio Ponti. He says, to be born on such an island as Malta one has to develop an architecture focussed on its particular qualities, an architecture of evolution, of continuity, a simple expression.

In this talk, he quotes the words of Bela Bartok: "What is new and significant must of necessity be grafted to old roots", to describe the philosophy which he tries to follow in his architecture: to produce an architecture which is an expression of regionalism with relevance to a particular sense of place, and at the same time to create the lost fairy-tale and legend.

He shows illustrations of his own work in Malta and the Middle East.

Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

Richard England

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