The Continuous Monument Life, Education, Ceremony, Love & Death Autobiography On Brass House Near Osnabruck, West Germany

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Running time: 30 minutes

Adolfo Natalini practises as an architect in Italy, teaches in the School of Architecture in Florence, but says his vocation is to be an artist, and he strives to combine all three. In 1966, he started working in Florence with a group of friends (R. and A. Magris, Toraldo di Francia and P. Frassinelli) adopting the name Superstudio. They launched themselves with a series of Utopian projects demonstrating the falsity of the premises of current thought.

At the same time they were designing and producing objects and interiors and eventually buildings. Natalini himself is mainly interested in architecture and town planning, especially the relationship between architecture and historical centres. With projects for Florence, Jerusalem and Frankfurt, he has sought to understand the different layers or images which have been superimposed through the ages.

When it comes to the design of individual buildings, he gives them personality by the use of metaphor and allegory. All this he explains in the talk presented here, recorded in English with a short statement in his native language, Italian, at the end.

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Adolfo Natalini

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