Lillental Gliding Bicycle & Wind Tunnel Device Aircraft Heads-Up Display

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Running time: 40 minutes

Son of an architect, Mark Whitby (born 1950) graduated in engineering at King's College, London. After a spell of work with Harris & Sutherland and four years' experience with a building contractor, he spent a year looking at buildings in the USA.

There followed work for Alan Baxter briefly, then Buro Happold (see The Nature Of Engineering: Part 1 and Part 2) and Anthony Hunt (see Refining The Structure) for two years each, before starting work on his own. Bryn Bird joined him in 1984 and they were among the bright young British structural engineers who empathise with the architect's approach. They have worked with most of the major British architects.

In his talk, Whitby describes projects he has been involved in with them, as well as bridges whose design he and Bird have generated themselves. They are enormously interested in the development of aeronautical engineering and the resulting spin-off or transfer of technology. They look at the total engineering of a building, from all points of view - structural, mechanical and electrical, physical and dynamic.

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Mark Whitby

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