Two Staircases, Two Materials: Somerset House & The New-York Historical Society
Eva Jiricna (Eva Jiricna Architects)


Eva Jiricna

©Peter Cook

I am going to talk about two staircases, and the reason being that those two staircases are completely different; they are a basic part of historic building, both of them, but they developed differently, and they are mainly made of completely different materials - one of them is Ductal, which I will explain what it is, and one of them is glass.


Somerset House

©Peter Cook

So I'll talk about the staircase in Somerset House which we have been commissioned initially by the client to solve the problem of a necessity of new entrance to the offices, which had been recently refurbished and needed not only an access, but they also needed a lift for disabled people. They had to be accommodated initially in a very, very small space, which was done as a temporary staircase in 1970s as the first conversion of Somerset House. So the first part of the operation was that we just investigated the site, and found out that the size of the space which we were given was totally unsuitable for comfortable staircase, which would provide the access to the offices which would also have a space to accommodate disabled people's lift which is quite large.

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