Working With Architects
Eduardo Paolozzi


Eduardo Paolozzi

©Monica Pidgeon

I started working with architects when I first came back from Paris about 1950, and I'd been working on some ideas using wooden shapes. And I (saw) met by accident Jane Drew and Max Fry in the early 50's.


Wall Painting, Kurfurstenstrasse, 1971

©Monica Pidgeon

They were about to begin working on the Festival of Britain so we got together and did some ideas for Fountains. And that was my first experience of working with architects. And then they introduced me to some other ideas and I did a prefabricated relief for a block of flats for Lewisham. But the ideas were not acceptable so that was rejected. But it was my first way of working in an architect's office and, having worked in very primitive ways as a sculptor, my first experience of using architect's drawings and trying to fit my ideas in with subjects about budgets and scale and so on. So I've been involved in and out with architects for a great deal of my working life. And I've also gone in for competitions in Germany. Having got a lot of experience by now I found that I was able to do models. This was a great advantage over other sculptors.

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