Plan Of Venice Road & Rail Approach To Venice Venice Bus Station. Axonometric Of Scheme Venice Bus Station. Diagram Of Walking Patterns In Venice

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Running time: 39 minutes

Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones trained at the A.A. and worked together in the 1970s, but only resumed partnership in 1989 in London. In the meantime they had separately won open international competitions, Jones the Mississauga City Hall in Ontario (completed 1987) and Dixon the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in 1983. They are both now working with BDP.

In 1981 they won the international competition for the Venice Bus Station, "A Gateway For Venice". In their recording, which is in the form of a dialogue, they use this scheme as a vehicle to express some of their ideas such as "We like to work by finding practical reasons for everything that could be turned to poetic ends - the way buses move, the way people move..."; "Harnessing the banal through a geometry to transform it into some more interesting possibility".

You may also be interested to hear Dixon and Jones discussing more of their work in National Treasures.

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Jeremy Dixon

Edward Jones

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