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Running time: 39 minutes

Eric Parry is one of Britain's younger architects, of whom Richard MacCormac (see Ideas Beyond The Brief and Urban Design In Action) has written: "We look to people like Parry to extend the language, possibilities and range of enjoyment that Modernism has not yet delivered".

Parry trained in the 1980s at Newcastle University, the Royal College of Art and the AA before setting up his practice E.P. Associates (now Eric Parry Architects) in London. He is also a university lecturer in architecture at Cambridge and has taught at Harvard under Moneo.

In his recording he says: "My buildings do not have an immediately recognisable style or signature. But they are spatially and materially consistent. My starting point with a project is the notion of cultural situation. To understand architecture as the creation of settings for deeply-rooted archetypal situations is essential to my interpretation of form".

The projects he shows illustrate the poetics of passage from the public to the private domain and the transformation of space from one world to another.

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Eric Parry

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