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Running time: 23 minutes

Philip Dowson is a founder partner of Arup Associates, a multi-disciplinary design practice in London. He maintains that a close integration between the professions is more than ever necessary today to co-ordinate designs in our present climate of technical change.

He starts his talk by describing a small house built in 1964 which illustrates an approach to architecture that is common to all the work that he shows: architecture is about people; how given a site, the architect can enrich the lives of the future occupants of a building on it; how relationship can be struck between man-made and natural, between small and large scale, between the way of life and the environment which is the heart of it all.

The resolution of these and other problems, such as energy and conservation, are discussed and illustrated by his industrial and office work and his university buildings.

Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

Philip Dowson

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