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Running time: 40 minutes

Graham Haworth and Steve Tompkins have been in practice together in London since 1991, and have been celebrated for their design of theatres (the Royal Court and the temporary Almeida), and for housing completed for the Coin Street Community Builders.

They try to keep their practice small, and have won a number of awards as well as competitions, the most recent being for the Young Vic, London. When discussing their approach to architecture they say that they are "searching in an intuitive way for a language which engages people directly... building out of a very direct materiality with direct constructional techniques". "Buildings should be beautiful and fun" they say, "as they are there to make life more enjoyable".

Graham graduated from Cambridge University, Steve graduated from Bath University, and they met while working with Rab Bennetts (see Putting Buildings Together) in the late 1980s.

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Graham Haworth

Steve Tompkins

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