Philadelphia Life Insurance Company, 1961 Insurance Of North America, Philadelphia, 1975 Insurance Of North America HQ & United Fund HQ, Seen From The Parkway, Philadelphia United Fund HQ

About this talk

Running time: 29 minutes

Romaldo Giurgola is an academician trained in Europe and reared in the Beaux Arts tradition. Born in Italy, he was educated in the University of Rome and then at Columbia, New York, and became an American citizen in 1958. He acknowledges a deep debt to his teacher Louis Kahn (see Buildings Know How They Should Be Built), about whom he subsequently wrote a book.

Since 1958 he has been in practice in Philadelphia and New York with Ehrman Mitchell (Mitchell & Giurgola), winning many awards, and he has taught in many US universities and at the American Academy in Rome.

In his talk he speaks of his convictions about architecture and its four constants - the definition of place, space as a fundamental of architecture, the link with the past, and the aesthetic environment - and he illustrates these with some of his own work including the competition-winning Parliament buildings at Canberra.

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Romaldo Giurgola

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