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About this talk

Running time: 28 minutes

The artist Gyorgy Kepes studied in his native Hungary and worked in Austria, Germany and England before moving to America in the early 1950s. There he ran courses in advertising design for the Art Directors' Club in Chicago and was, for six years, Head of the Department of Light and Colour at the Illinois Institute of Technology School of Design. He subsequently taught in various colleges and headed for many years the Centre for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kepes has divided his time between painting, teaching and experimenting with motion pictures and graphic design, consistently believing in an art that combines science and aesthetics.

The ideas contained in his book "Language Of Vision", published in 1961, became the content of the Basic Design courses now included in art school curricula. He had reached his eighties by the time of this talk, but his interest in the possibilities of light, colour, movement and technology continued.

In his talk, he shares his ideas about the relationship between the visual environment and the artist's vision, and shows beautiful examples of kinetic art, sometimes on a vast scale.

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Gyorgy Kepes

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