Yokohama International Port Terminal, Japan. View From Arrival Yokohama International Port Terminal, Japan. View Back To Land Yokohama International Port Terminal, Japan. Vehicle Entry Yokohama International Port Terminal, Japan. Plan & Sections

About this talk

Running time: 23 minutes

The architects Farshid Moussavi (from Iran) and Alejandro Zaera-Polo (from Spain), wife and husband, met at Harvard, but their collaboration only started when working at OMA in Rotterdam. There they began working on competitions. Then they taught at the AA, London. It was there that they won the competition for the Osanbashi Port Terminal building in Yokohama, and that was the beginning of their practice FOA. Many other commissions have followed.

Included here are the BBC Music Centre, White City, London, the S.E. Coastal Park in Barcelona, and a project for the World Trade Center, New York. They are highly inventive designers. No one of their buildings resembles another. To them, style is anathema. They have been exploring ideas of convergence between landscape and infrastructure; and enjoy working with other people in a collaborative situation, where the client is tough and the project grows in discussion.

No matter the constraints, they say they have a lot of fun.

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Farshid Moussavi

Alejandro Zaera-Polo

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