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Running time: 37 minutes

The late Charles Moore (died 1993) was one of the most influential and accomplished members of the so-called dissident movement - Post- Modern - in American Architecture. A teacher during most of his career (at Berkeley, Yale and then UCLA), his building output was great, as was his output in print and on TV. He first set up practice in Berkeley, California in 1962, in the group Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker.

In 1970 he set up Charles Moore Associates and after 1975 he was a partner in Moore Grover Harper, Los Angeles. Disagreeing with what he sees as the moralistic and socially-directed attitude of Modern architecture, he insists that buildings can and must speak and he interesting, that they are meant to be inhabited and that the architect's role is one of de-professionalising and of helping the inhabitants to inhabit their buildings in comfort. In this talk, he enlarges on these ideas.

You also be interested to hear Ron Herron and Cedric Price discuss Moore's work in Ten Californian Architects.

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Charles Moore

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