Habitat '67, Montreal, Canada, 1967 Habitat '67, Montreal, Canada, 1967 Habitat '67, Montreal, Canada, 1967 Mamilla Center, Jerusalem, Israel, 2009

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Running time: 34 minutes

Moshe Safdie was born in the Palestinian city of Haifa in 1938, moving to Montreal with his family at the age of 15. Success came early when his student thesis project was accepted as the principle exhibit in the 1967 Expo in Montreal. Habitat '67, an innovative stacked housing system, remains his most famous building, despite the many prestige commissions that have followed.

In this talk, he traces his career from Habitat '67 to the present day. As well as important projects in Israel, including the Yad Vashem Museum and the city of Modi'in, he has completed a string of cultural buildings in Canada and the USA, from the Quebec Museum of Civilization to the recently completed United States Institute of Peace in Washington D.C. Much of his work is now large-scale housing projects in the Far East.

You can also hear Safdie talk about his work in Jerusalem in Safdie In Jerusalem, and on Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in Marina Bay Sands: Humanising Mega-Scale.

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Moshe Safdie

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