The Jerusalem Watershed. Desert & Fertile Plain Large Model Of Herod's Time Jewish & Arab Housing Van Leer House. Restored By Safdie

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Running time: 28 minutes

Moshe Safdie's international fame began with his Habitat housing scheme in Montreal, completed for Expo '67. Since then he has worked in many countries other than Canada - USA, Puerto Rico, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Iran - and has offices in Montreal, Boston, Baltimore and Jerusalem. At the time of this talk he directed the Urban Design Program at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.

Born and reared in Israel, Safdie returned to that country in 1969. Now Jerusalem boasts a completed monumental building designed by him - the Rabbinical College near the Western Wall - and several lesser works; whilst other important projects have been undertaken since 1979, including the Western Wall Precinct and the outstanding recently completed Yad Vashem (Holocaust Memorial) project.

He discusses his work before 1980 in this recording (extracted from a talk he gave to the Royal Institute of British Architects in May 1979).

You can also hear Safdie talk about his work on Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in Marina Bay Sands: Humanising Mega-Scale, and tracing his career in Habitat & Beyond.

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Moshe Safdie

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