Baensch House, Berlin-Spandau, 1935 Baensch House. Interior Baensch House. Plan Expressionist Painting By Scharoun

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Running time: 23 minutes

Peter Blundell-Jones, an architect practising, teaching and writing in England, was the first person to publish in any language a critical monograph on Germany's greatest post-war architect, Hans Scharoun.

In this talk, as in his book, he traces the development of Scharoun's ideas from the late 1920s until his death in 1972. Little is known about Scharoun outside his native land, as he remained there throughout World War II. His greatest work is undoubtedly the Berlin Philharmonie, opened in 1973.

His other major works, completed after his death, are the Berlin State Library, the Maritime Museum at Bremerhaven, and the theatre at Wolfsburg, all faithfully executed under the direction of Scharoun's assistant Edgar Wisniewski.

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Peter Blundell-Jones

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