Children's Camp At The Folly At Fonthill, February 1979 WC At 46 Limerston, Street, London, 1956. Paolozzi Papers This Is Tomorrow Exhibition, Whitechapel, London, 1956 Hunstanton Secondary Modern School, Norfolk, 1954. Interior

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Running time: 29 minutes

Signs Of Occupancy talks about two things: firstly how the language of architecture can indicate its use, and, beyond that, how it can invite the affection and the design activities of its occupiers and their successors. The Smithson's first essay under this title appeared in Architectural Design No.2, 1972.

The late Alison and Peter Smithson were a husband and wife team who started in architectural practice in London in 1950. They were widely known for their buildings and for their many articles and books, including "Team 10 Primer" and "Beyond Rhetoric".

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Alison Smithson

Peter Smithson

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