Zen W3, London NW3 Ma & Pa Restaurant, London Ma & Pa Restaurant, London University Of East Anglia, Norwich. School Of Education

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Running time: 36 minutes

The Canadian born architect Rick Mather, who has had his own practice in London since 1973, trained in Oregon in the 1950s and at the AA Department of Planning and Urban Design in the mid-1960s. He has taught at the AA and Central London Polytechnic and his work has been widely published and presented.

He is an architect of modern buildings. Of his approach he describes four main aims: to design buildings which make a positive contribution to the city; buildings that are low in energy consumption; buildings that are, above all, interesting and exciting for the user to enjoy; and designs that exploit the technology of glass.

His innovative use of glass, exploring its structural and sensuous qualities, is a hallmark of his work, especially in the series of spectacular Zen restaurants in London, Hong Kong and Montreal.

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Rick Mather

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